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Auto Glass Quoting Wizard
with Live NAGS® Data


Autoglassquoting.com has an instant on-line auto glass quoting program powered by our Auto Glass Wizard and utilizing the NAGS® data.This Auto Glass Wizard operates in real time and therefore the NAGS® information is updated continually.

Now you can add this utility to your site for the convenience of your customers and your added profit. ZIP codes can be tailored to fit your companies pricing. Zip code fields can also be set as customer ID's allowing you to set custom pricing for insurance agents, car dealers, and body shops.

An Online Revenue Stream
Some current customers are getting six figure revenue streams from their online quoting and ordering site.

Set pricing using NAGS® or our proprietary Cost+Plus pricing structure
We can upload your own price list,
including your suppliers price list

Set labor by NAGS® hours or a flat rate
Set NET pricing per part
Make a part uninstalled or exclude the part
Exclude moldings system wide or by individual part
Set a cutoff year for installations
You have full control to set days open, holidays, vacations, etc

Price: $169.00 a month includes:
(No contract, you can cancel any time)

500 included quotes a month and then 5 cents each
Unlimited customer codes for customized pricing
Management console (Online Admin Demo)
Orders automatically email or fax to you
NAGS® license (This will license your individual URL/domain name)


or the Quote Pop-out
Demo Only - Please use ZIP 11111

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"The wizard is a great add-on for our
site! It is wonderful to see orders
come in after-hours." JB

"You guys rock! What a difference!
My site is actually making me money!" DR

"Love the status system. I can talk with
our customers anytime of the day, if they
are working or at home. Great way to
communicate and get the job done!
Happy customers are returning customers!"

"I have insurance agents using my site and
having customers call me directly,
unsolicited" LM

"I just wanted to let you know how much
your hosting wizard for auto glass quotes
has helped my business. The program is
simple and the results have been
outstanding. It’s been about a year now
and with every month that passes we get
more traffic. The wizard is better then
having a customer service rep in my office.
It works 24 hours and holidays with no
overtime or workman’s comp. Working out
great." RW